July 2022

EU Commission needs to take action regarding the alliance between FAO and CropLife International

Dear Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen,

(Cc. Vice-President Timmermans),

The EU being an important member of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations (UN), we are writing to you concerning the unacceptable partnership that FAO has established with CropLife International, the umbrella organisation of the world's biggest pesticide companies.

July 2022

Pesticides - Confirmation information on Propyzamide - Commission acts against Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009

Dear Commissioner Kyriakides,

July 2022

PAFF July meeting (A. 06, point 1) - Confirmation information on Propyzamide - Call upon Member States to reject the amended review report

Dear members of the PAFF committee,

July 2022

Call to adopt without delay the Implementing Regulation harmonising the content and format of the pesticide use records

Dear representatives of national governments, members of the PAFF Committee,

Dear Chair of the PAFF Committee,

June 2022

Derogations to CAP conditionality in 2023 are unacceptable

Dear Executive Vice-President, Dear Commissioners,

We are writing to express our deepest concern in relation to the possibility of the European Commission granting derogations on two basic conditionality standards of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). 

June 2022

No further delay of the Nature Protection Package

Dear Commissioners,

Dear Co-legislators,

The European organic movement, together with the organizers of the European Citizens' Initiative Save Bees and Farmers (signed by 1.2 million Europeans calling for a 80 percent reduction of synthetic pesticides by 2030 and a phase-out by 2035) fully support the European Commission's aim of releasing the "Nature Protection Package" on 22 June 2022, without any further delay. 

June 2022

Civil society and Indigenous Peoples’ appeal to the FAO Council to rescind the FAO partnership agreement with CropLife International

Dear Member State Representatives of the UN FAO Council,

We would like to take the opportunity to urge you to bring forth in the discussion of the Strategy for Private Sector Engagement in the upcoming 170th FAO Council Session (13-17 June 2022) the strong recommendations of civil society, Indigenous Peoples and the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food for the FAO to review and rescind its existing partnership agreement with CropLife International (CLI).

June 2022

Call to President von der Leyen for a commensurate reply to the rising presence of the most hazardous pesticides in the EU

Dear President von der Leyen,

Pesticide Action Network (PAN Europe) asks the European Commission to stick to its ambitions and timetable in the context of the revision of the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive (SUD).

May 2022

Réponse à votre accusation de propagation de “propos intentionnellement malhonnêtes” par PAN Europe le 25 mai 2022 devant la Chambre des représentants

Monsieur le Ministre,

May 2022

Joint Statement: Urgent need for precise public data on the use of pesticides across Europe

More than 60 organisations, including Eureau, EFFAT and SumOfUS express their deep concerns about the direction the negotiations within Trilogues are taking on the reform of the agriculture statistics regulation (SAIO). To ensure that European agriculture shifts away from pesticide-intensive practices, we need precise public data on what pesticides are used where, when, on which crops and in what quantities. 

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