Annual Symposium

PAN Europe advocates for pesticide dependency reductions, encouraging policy changes towards ensuring that farmers apply integrated pest management based on solid agronomic practices to prevent pest build-up and on the use of non-chemical alternatives, where needed. Farmers should apply pesticides only where absolutely needed and carefully select pesticides with the lowest harm.

Since 2012, PAN Europe has been annually organising joint symposiums in Brussels together with scientists united in International Organisation on Biological Control (IOBC) and companies producing alternatives to pesticides united in International Biocontrol Manufacturer Association (IBMA) in order to illustrate that IPM is a viable alternative to chemically-based agriculture.

See the previous symposiums:


Agroecological transition in Bulgaria (6 March 2023)

Solutions for the ecological transition for Croatia – reducing pesticide use by increasing IPM uptake with biocontrol (28 October 2022)

Ecological transition starts with agronomy, increasing IPM uptake with biocontrol and significant pesticide dependency reductions (20 October 2022)

8th Annual Symposium - SUD Working with Nature (1 March 2022)

7th Annual Symposium - Ecological Transition Starts with Agronomy, Increasing IPM Uptake and Reducing Pesticide Dependency (12 December 2019)

6th Annual Symposium on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive - Integrated Pest Management in Arable Crops (31 January 2018)

5th Annual Symposium on the Sustainable Use Directive on Pesticides - Sustainable Grape Growing (7 February 2017)

4th Annual Symposium - Feeding Europe while reducing pesticide dependency (2015)

3rd Annual Symposium - Feeding Europe with fewer pesticides (2014)

2nd Annual Symposium - Feeding Europe with less pesticides (2013)

1st Annual Symposium - Integrated Pest Management - the way forward to Sustainable Agricultural Production  (2012)


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