June Newsletter 2024

  • EU citizens asked for less pesticides: find out which politicians listened
  • Widespread Water Contamination by ‘Forever Breakdown Product’ of PFAS Pesticides
  • EU Pesticide Committee neglects health and environment
  • What if a very toxic pesticide is allowed when the dangers are known ?
  • Make your vote count in the EU elections! See what candidates think about pesticides  

May Newsletter 2024

  • Highest EU Court: member states do not properly carry out pesticide assessments
  • PAN Europe brings very first pesticide authorisation to the EU Court of Justice
  • Stopping the export of EU-banned pesticides won’t harm the European economy & will benefit third countries
  • Banned pesticides still present in imported food
  • A deathblow for the legitimacy of the CAP 

April Newsletter 2024

  • Pesticides do not remain in the valley, they go up the mountains 
  • Glyphosate’s “Hidden” Report - missing test on genotoxicity
  • EU plans to extend permits for 20 pesticides, including 4 PFAS
  • Letter to EU Council: we need better protection of our water
  • Bee-friendly plants? Or a deadly trap?

March Newsletter 2024

  • We’re all exposed to more and more PFAS pesticides in fruit and vegetables
  • Farmers, the first victims of pesticides 
  • Black Day for Health and Biodiversity: EU Commission withdraws proposal for Pesticide Reduction 
  • The EU guideline that allows to kill most insects

February Newsletter 2024

  • The Great Glyphosate Court case has started
  • European Parliament: no residues of highly toxic thiacloprid in imported food
  • Pesticide reduction is urgent: doing nothing is not an option
  • Deregulation of new GMOs: an open door for herbicide-tolerant and pesticide-producing plants?
  • EU pesticide committee SCoPAFF: the good, the bad and the ugly

January Newsletter 2024

  •  27 organisations ask Belgium to prioritise our health and biodiversity
  • 2 new legal actions before the General Court of the EU
  • New report: pesticides are leaking from greenhouses
  • EU will ban three problematic pesticides only to continue 15 more
  • Générations Futures fights prolongation of 5 highly toxic pesticides in EU Court

December Newsletter 2023

  • Pesticides: To do nothing is not an option
  • Green Deal is dead: MEPs voted against a healthy future for us and our children
  • NGOs Challenge Glyphosate Re-approval in EU Court
  • Beneath the orange fields: Impact of Glyphosate (herbicides) on soil organisms
  • New report exposes hidden threat: PFAS pesticides

November Newsletter 2023

  • ENVI Committee Vote on Pesticides Regulation SUR
  • EU bans 6 dangerous pesticides: Herbicide S-Metolachlor and 5 Endocrine Disruptors
  • EFSA management sabotages pesticide neurotoxicity assessment
  • Glyphosate-based herbicides linked to leukemia at a young age 

October Newsletter 2023

  • Criminal Complaint Against Bayer for Concealing Glyphosate Risks to Pregnant Women
  • Expert meeting shows that glyphosate is not safe for health and environment
  • Glyphosate in the EU up to 2034? Danger to health and environment and violation of citizens will
  • NGOs urge Ursula von der Leyen to hold true to Green Deal commitment on export of banned chemicals
  • Negative effect of pesticide exposure for farmers and farm workers

September Newsletter 2023

  • Glyphosate is polluting our waters all across Europe
  • Is glyphosate safe for health and the environment?
  • EU glyphosate evaluation fails to acknowledge key mechanism that can lead to cancer
  • European citizens support an EU ban of glyphosate
  • Ranking of the top fruits with pesticide residues this summer

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