Conference: Conference in Hungary: The European Green Agreement and the reduction of pesticide use


Conference: Safe and sustainable food production in Croatia


Conference: Under the Surface: A Deep Dive Into EU Water Pollution Monitoring and Management Practices


Conference: No obstacles to ban glyphosate: Alternatives exist for all us


Conference: An EU-wide ban on the export of banned pesticides and hazardous chemicals: Why do EU policymakers need to act & how?


Conference: Pesticide free sensitive areas: Spreading pesticides to sensitive areas - consequences and protective measures


Conference: Mayors and EU policies together for healthy living spaces - 28 September 2022

Hosted by PAN Europe, The Greens/EFA, S&D, European Left and Renew Europe. What are the best methods and solutions for cities on their path to sustainability, restoring biodiversity and protecting the health of citizens? Is the Commission's proposed regulation on pesticide use ambitious enough to address these priorities? What are the solutions to propose to Slovenia, which claims to be unable to replace glyphosate with non-harmful alternatives?

This and more will be discussed on September 28, from 6 to 8 p.m., at the Mayors and EU policies together for healthy living spaces event at the European Parliament in Brussels. The debate will bring together European mayors of Pesticide free towns, MEPs and representatives of the European Commission, in order to have a fruitful exchange of best practices and a future perspective on EU policies on the subject. LIVESTREAM


Press Conference: Environmental NGOs and Organic Movement call on Commission to develop a new indicator to measure progress toward the Farm to Fork pesticide reduction target -  9 June 2022

Hosted by PAN Europe, GLOBAL 2000, IFOAM Organics Europe and “Save Bees and Farmers!” European Citizens’ Initiative. The organisers of the European Citizens’ Initiative Save Bees and Farmers (signed by 1.2 million Europeans demanding a 80% reduction of synthetic pesticides by 2030 and a full phase out by 2035) and the European organic movement are looking forward to the European Commission adopting a proposal for a Regulation for a Sustainable Use of pesticides (SUR) on 22 June. This urgently needed proposal must start the much-needed transition to a health-, climate-, and biodiversity-friendly food system by making the Farm to Fork Strategy’s target for a 50% Union-wide reduction of – both the use and risk of – chemical pesticides by 2030 legally binding. 



Workshop on Victims of Pesticides Tell Their Stories - 7 December 2016

PAN Europe organised a workshop on 7 December 2016 in order to allow pesticide victims to tell their stories and to have an exchange on existing European campaigns allowing victims to make their stories heard. See the program in EN and FR.


Lunchtime Debate on the use of Pesticides in Ecological Focus Areas - 1 December 2016 European Parliament

PAN Europe hosted a lunchtime debate "Making biodiversity work for farmers: Bringing ecology back into Ecological Focus Areas" at the European Parliament on December 1. PAN Europe released a position paper on Pesticide Use in EFAs. Pierre Bascou, Director from DG Agri of the European Commission, delivered the presentation "Review of Greening After One Year". Professor Felix Wäckers of the University of Lancaster delivered the presentation "Making EFAs work best for farmers and biodiversity".

PAN Europe at the Monsanto Tribunal: The Monsanto Tribunal is an international civil society initiative which was organised to hold Monsanto accountable for human rights violations, crimes against humanity, and ecocide. Eminent judges, at The Hague, heard testimonies from victims, in order to deliver an advisory opinion following procedures of the International Court of Justice. PAN Europe was a co-moderator in the three pesticide workshops of the People's Assembly, which took place in parallel to provide the opportunity for social movements to rally and plan for the future we want. The Tribunal and People's Assembly took place between 14 and 16 October 2016 in The Hague, Netherlands. The background information, the appeal and follow-ups can be found on the following website,


2016 ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS - Expert discussion on the Commission proposal, European Parliament, Brussels.


2015 Feeding Europe while reducing pesticide dependency Symposium, European Parliament. Read more >>


2015 Belgium moving towards pesticide free towns, Brussels.

Bruxelles Environnement - IBGE / Leefmilieu Brussel - BIM.

View programme and questionnaires


2014 Feeding Europe with fewer pesticides, European Parliament, Brussels.

View agenda and presentations


2013 Feeding Europe with less pesticides, European Parliament, Brussels.

View agenda and presentations


2013 Our Disrupted Food, EDCs in pesticides residues, European Parliament, Brussels.

View agenda and presentations


2013 Pollinator friendly farming is possible, Brussels.

Bart Staes Greens/EFA MEP, the European Beekeeping Coordination and PAN Europe, in the framework of the Week Without Pesticides.

View agenda and presentations


2012 Integrated Pest Management - the Way Forward to Sustainable Agricultural Production, Brussels.

Organised by PAN Europe, IBMA and IOBC.

View agenda and presentations


2011 Independence of science, Brussels.

Debate organised by PAN/EOS in EP, hosted by MEP Corinne Lepage.

View presentations and video.


2011 EEB/PAN workshop on chemicals, Copenhagen.

View agenda.


2010 PAN Europe Annual General Meeting.

View agenda and presentation Week for pesticides alternatives in France


2010 PAN Europe Mini Seminar, What future for integrated production?

View agenda and selected presentations


2009 PAN Europe AGM, Towards Sustainable Pesticide Use Reduction Across Europe – from Words to Action.

View conference agenda and selected presentations


2009 PAN Workshop, National Action Plans, Integrated Pest Management and the Common Agricultural Policy.

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2007 HEAL and PAN Europe Workshop, Pesticide use reduction for better health. 

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2006 Annual Network Conference, Bologna.

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2005 Annual Network Conference, Poland.

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2005 Workshop - Pesticide Reduction Programmes in Germany and the UK.

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2003 Annual network members’ conference, Denmark.

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