Data requirements

Data requirements are data an applicant needs to deliver if it likes to place a pesticide on the market as well as the tests to be performed to generate these data.  EU and others try to harmonise tests in OECD. But because this is a very time-consuming procedure, EU-tests and sometimes EPPO-tests (an intergovernmental organisation for Europe and West-Asia) are used.

Commission worked on a revision of the data requirements since 2002 in close cooperation with industry and in stead of modernising the tests, test were deleted or made conditional (dog and mouse studies). Reducing costs for industry was more important than protecting people with the newest scientific information available. PAN Europe and other stakeholders except inndustry were kept out the dialoque and commented the new data requirements in letters to the Commissioner. 
Finally in 2013 the new data requirements were published.


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New data requirements

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