Who we are

PAN Europe works to eliminate the dependency on synthetic pesticides. We support agroecological farming methods aiming at preventing rather than killing organisms that are considered pests and when needed using safe sustainable pest control methods.

Our goal is to achieve a strong reduction in the use of pesticides, to protect the health of workers and residents of agricultural areas and especially children, while preserving our environment and biodiversity.  The precautionary principle should be leading, which is the foundation of the EU pesticide law. PAN Europe is a science-based organisation, composed of experts in different areas related to pesticides.

Scientific and empirical evidence show that achieving high agricultural productivity of healthy food through agroecological practices is a reality on many farms worldwide. PAN Europe advocates for farmers to take back their productivity tools and stop being dependent financially and technically on the agrochemicals industry that destroys their livelihood.

We are the European branch of the international Pesticide Action Network, active in 60 countries worldwide, working to minimise the negative effects of hazardous pesticides and to replace their use with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives. PAN Europe brings together more than 50 consumer, public health and environmental organisations, trades unions, women's groups and farmer associations from across Europe.

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