Voices of Pesticides

Pesticides are found everywhere: food, drinking water, environment, even in our blood… Bees are disappearing at an alarming rate. Pesticides destroy the balance of biodiversity. Worldwide, citizens are more and more concerned about the impact of pesticides on their health and the environment. This platform aims at spreading the message of those who have a story to tell: the Voices of Pesticides (press release).

Generation Futures, PAN Europe member in France, has been working with farmers victims of pesticides in France trying to raise political and public awareness on the gravity of the issue and to make sure that the stories of these victims are heard. The testimonies of these hundreds of victims are collected on a dedicated webpage with a map showing the areas where people have been affected. The anonymous testimonies include accounts of headaches, fatigue, and coughs, all ailments attributed to the use of and exposure to pesticides: "Victims des Pesticides". In France there has been increased awareness of the victims of pesticides, there has been a number of important court cases, certain diseases have been recognized as professional diseases by the public health insurance while the topic has also gotten a lot of media attention. Last but not least as something very special in France the victims of pesticides have an association assisting them: http://www.phyto-victimes.fr/

Not only in Europe, but also across the world citizens speak their stories about how the pesticides affect their health and the environment. From Argentina to China, pesticides have been causing far-reaching, long-lasting damage for decades both to humans and nature. These stories have been documented to give a voice to the unheard and ignored victims of pesticides.  Continue reading and watching stories HERE>>

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