Henriette Christensen
Senior Policy Adviser 
National Action Plans- Integrated Pest Management & Agriculture-Pesticide Free Towns, Low Impact Farming and Voices on Pesticides Campaign Coordinator
henriette [at]


Martin Dermine
Save the Bees Campaign Coordinator 
martin [at]


Angeliki Lyssimachou
Environmental Toxicologist 
Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) & Glyphosate Campaign Coordinator
angeliki [at]


Seda Orhan
Partnership Manager- Communications and Membership
seda [at]


Hans Muilerman
Chemicals Officer 
Pesticides & Alternatives
hans [at]
tel: +31 6 55 80 72 55


Michela Bilotta
Campaigns Assistant - Pesticide Free towns
michela [at]


Constantin Muraru
Campaigns Assistant-Pesticides & Alternatives
constantin [at]



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