The Great Glyphosate Court Case

The European Commission has given the green light to 10 more years of glyphosate. A disaster for health, biodiversity, soil and water. Many independent scientific studies show these dangers. To re-approve glyphosate is a violation of the EU Pesticide Law that says that health and environment should go first. In case of substantial doubt, the precautionary principle has to be applied. So we filed the required first step in the procedure with a review request to the Commission. They will reject it and then we will fight this decision in court. 

  • We are specialists in hazards and risks of pesticides, the regulations and EU pesticide law
  • We work with a network of renowned scientific experts
  • We work with a dedicated and specialised legal team
  • We have exposed gaps between the pesticide law and its implementation by authorities like EFSA and ECHA and the national institutions
  • We fought and won important cases in the EU Court of Justice

It will be a tough court case, for the stakes are high. Glyphosate is the top selling herbicide and the flagship of chemical agriculture. Bayer Monsanto and other producers might join the side of the European Commission in this court case. They have done this before. So we and our lawyers will face a battery of well prepared and extremely well funded opponents. This won’t stop us, for we are well prepared and we know that science and the EU pesticide Law are on our side. 

We submitted the formal request to revise the decision to the European Commission in January 2024. Our experts made this a complete document with all our arguments, for this will be the basis for the next steps. It required a significant amount of work and resources from our experts and lawyers, and so will the next steps. Therefore we need your help to make this case a success. For our health, our biodiversity, our soil, our water and for a healthy future for our children, grandchildren and the generations to come.

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