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NEW: A herbicide-free future. Considering solutions across Europe

A documentary/trailer on herbicide free farming across Europe #StopGlyphosate

Documentary films exploring different aspects of toxic pesticides and their harmful effects on both people and environment:

Circle of Poison- A global look at communities impacted by the export of toxic pesticides made in America and how they are fighting back. Featuring interviews with Jimmy Carter, Noam Chomsky, Vandana Shiva, and the Dalai Lama

'Insecticide mon amour' - a film by Guillaume Bodin

A documentary about the compulsory insecticide treatment of vines in Burgundy against the American grapevine leafhopper, a vector of phytoplasma disease 'flavescence dorée'.

More information on the film:

Bananas!* : A trial for Malice


MDRGF: 'Our Children will Accuse Us' - a film by Jean Paul Jaud

French public awareness of the damaging impacts of pesticides took another giant leap forward on 5 November 2008 with the film premier of 'Nos enfants nous accuseront', a feature length documentary now showing in mainstream cinemas across France. The film is the brainchild of Jean Paul Jaud a famous French TV Director who became aware of the consequences of industrial agriculture having recovered from cancer a few years ago. Following his illness Jean Paul decided to make a documentary on the effects of hazardous pesticides. His film centres on Barjac - a typical rural village situated in southern France where local residents decided to take action against the effects of pesticides and whose school canteen now serves only organic food.

Also see bande annonce de Notre poison quotidien.

Moreover you can see:

The Perils of Pesticides: A short documentary by Deutsche Welle (DW), July 2017

► A French investigation into how dangerous pesticides in food can harm children's heath: Cash Investigation

► Gift auf unseren Feldern. Wie gefährlich sind Pestizide? A german TV documentary on pesticides, 18/11/2015 (available only in German) 

 Les Liberterres - Un documentaire sur l'agro-écologie: quatre agriculteurs européens ont opté pour un autre modèle: ( available only in French)

Bye Bye pesticides - Towards the end of pesticide use in towns and villages

Pesticide, Mon Amour ( in FR and EN)

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