Feeding Europe with fewer pesticides

4 November 2014. Joint symposium on “Feeding Europe with fewer pesticides”, organized by PAN Europe, IOBC-WPRS, IBMA and Greenpeace, hosted by MEP Benedek Jávor. View programmelist of participants and conclusions.

Chaired by Michael Hamell, Adjunct Professor of Agriculture, University College Dublin

Welcome by Benedek Jávor member of the European Parliament

Welcome - by Michael Hamell Professor of Agriculture, University College Dublin

What is being done on pesticide related issues during the Italian Pestidency, Silvia Nicoli, agricultural expert from the Permanent Representation of Italy

Pesticides and retailers: the Euro Coop perspective and the Coop Denmark case by Rosita Zilli (Euro Coop)

Coop Denmark ban pesticides by Malene Teller Blume (Coop Denmark)

Pesticide impacts and alternatives - A scientific perspective by Kirsten Thompson (Scientist, Greenpeace Research Laboratories)

Integrated pest management: the future is already here by Ilaria Pertot and Andrea Lucchi (vice presidents of IOBC-wprs)

A serious implementation of the EU Directive on Sustainable Use of Pesticides (SUDP) - ways forward by Henriette Christensen (PAN)

A serious implementation of the Sustainable Use of Pesticides (SUDP) - IBMA View by David Cary (IBMA)

Success stories about farmers reducing pesticide use

Mauro Varner di Cantine Mezzacorona (viticulture adviser)
August Jost (Maize grower from Austria)
Felix Wäckers (Professor, Lancaster University, Director R&D Biobest)
Erich Stekovics (Vegetable grower from Austria)
Questions and debate with David Baldock (IEEP), Noa Simon (Utrecht University), Pavel Poc (MEP) and Marco Zullo (MEP), HerbertDorfmann (MEP)

Ways forward to reduce pesticide use in the EU – next steps

What is European Commission SANCO doing to Implement the SUDP by Ladislav Miko European Commission, DG Sanco
How can the Common Agricultural Policy, especially the Farm Advisory Service help implementation of SUDP by Joos Korte (European Commission, DG Agri)

Panel discussions with David Baldock (IEEP), Michael Hamell (University College Dublin), Pavel Poc (MEP) and Nicola Caputo (MEP), Marco Zullo (MEP)

Conclusions by Michael Hamell

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