Stop Glyphosate

EU authorities have recently renewed the license for Glyphosate for another 5 years,

despite significant evidence of its danger.

How could this be? 



European Parliament Public Hearing on the #StopGlyphosate European Citizens' Initiative, November 20th 2017







For more information on the Stop Glyphosate campaign please continue reading (PDF)

Official EU website of the European Citizens Initiative ECI

Articles & Reports:

- (November 28th, 2017) Glyphosate re-authorised in the EU for another 5 years: a bittersweet outcome 

- (November 7th, 2017) Glyphosate dismissal confirms scandalous EU evaluation - Technical report by Générations Futures & PAN Europe (see also Press Release);

- (November 4th, 2017) Citizens form human banner to demand EU ban on glyphosate

- (October 26th, 2017) Crunch time: the glyphosate saga isn't over yet, but there's light at the end of the tunnel;

- (July 19th, 2017) Brussels: citizens tear down giant Glyphosate bottle as regulators discuss its re-approval

- (July 2017) Glyphosate and Cancer: Authorities Systematically Breach Regulations - Report by Peter Clausing (PhD) and Claire Robinson (MPhil): read in Italian; French; Spanish; German;

- (February 2017) PAN-Europe summary on the toxicity of Glyphosate

- (June 15th, 2017) Success! #StopGlyphosate ECI reaches 1 million signatures

- #StopGlyphosate European Citizens' Initiative

- (June 10th, 2017) Brussels: Open letter concerning the phase-out of Glyphosate to the Health and Food Safety Commissioner Andriukaitis, Commission President Juncker and the Ambassadors of Member States

- (May 12th, 2016) "By re-authorising Glyphosate, you're increasing our cancers"

- (April 21st, 2016) Environmentalists press charges against Monsanto and EU regulatory authorities

- (March 2nd, 2016) NGOs join forces to demand legal action for fraud against Monsanto, BfR and EFSA

- (November 12th, 2015) EFSA’s (un-)scientific opinion: glyphosate not a carcinogen

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