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2018-01-17 Città senza pesticidi Lozzolo entra nella rete La Stampa
2018-01-12 Lozzolo: Impiegato l’aceto per la gestione del verde pubblico Valsesia Notizi...
2018-01-01 European Food Safety Authority draft guidance on nano EU Food Policy
2017-12-13 Member States give green light to Commission's plan on endocrine disru... Euractiv
2017-12-08 Watchdog links pesticide to bee decline EU Politico
2017-12-08 Identifying EDCs “impossible” under new EU guidelines EU ENDS Europe
2017-12-07 Ré-autorisation du glyphosate : la contre-attaque juridique s'organise France Actu Environnem...
2017-12-07 Robilante è il terzo comune d'Italia ad aderire alla rete delle Città... L’economico
2017-12-07 Robilante è il terzo comune d'Italia ad aderire alla rete delle Città... Targato CN
2017-12-07 Environmental Groups Plan to Sue EU Regulators over Glyphosate Decision Beyond Pesticid...
2017-12-06 Klage gegen Glyphosatschwindel Die Junge Welt
2017-12-06 #SaveTheBees coalition: 80 EU NGOs gather to demand a full ban on neonicoti... EU Reporter
2017-12-06 NGOs urge neonicotinoid ban, tougher EDC controls EU ENDS Europe
2017-12-04 Glyphosate : les ONG portent plainte contre les agences d’expertise europée... France Le Monde
2017-11-27 Glyphosate, Top-Selling Weed Killer, Wins E.U. Approval for 5 Years New York Times
2017-11-08 The bitter battle over the world’s most popular insecticides Nature
2017-11-07 Campaigners pile on pressure ahead of glyphosate vote EU ENDS Europe
2017-10-30 Five-year EU glyphosate proposal criticised by all EU ENDS Europe
2017-10-25 Member States fail to deliver clear position on glyphosate renewal AGRA FACTS
2017-10-24 EU on brink of historic decision on pervasive glyphosate weedkiller UK The Guardian
2017-10-24 Parliament demands ban on glyphosate within five years EU ENDS Europe
2017-10-20 “Nur geringste Spuren von Giftstoffen auf öffentlichen Grünflächen” Südtirol News L...
2017-10-20 Pestizide auf Spielplätzen? Umweltschützer klagen an Stol-Local
2017-10-19 Study highlights glyphosate prevalence Fresh Produce J...
2017-10-19 MEPs demand glyphosate phase-out within three years EU ENDS Europe
2017-10-19 Glyphosate lobbying intensifies ahead of EU vote HorticultureWee...
2017-10-19 Farmers threaten to sue if Brussels ducks glyphosate decision EU Politico
2017-10-18 Greens push alternatives on eve of glyphosate vote EU ENDS Europe
2017-10-04 EP blocks poposal on sceintific criteria to define endocrine Disruptors AGRA FACTS
2017-10-03 Endocrine disruptors: Report exposes scale of contamination as Parliament v... Euractiv
2017-09-20 Petitions to block big ag company mergers garner 708,000 names EU Politico
2017-09-08 France testing waters on glyphosate with other EU states Euractiv
2017-09-01 Fipronil crisis: Why should we keep on using these toxic substances? Euractiv
2017-07-15 Liberate dai pesticidi le aree di interesse ecologico in UE Italy Rinnovabili
2017-07-05 EU experts agree on criteria for endocrine disrupting chemicals in pesticid... Euractiv
2017-06-22 Tories aim to block full EU ban on bee-harming pesticides UK The Guardian
2017-06-14 EU Conservation Zone Pesticide Ban to Start Next Year Bloomberg
2017-06-02 France pushes for EU pesticide bans EU ENDS Europe
2017-05-24 Commission told to link CAP payments to water law EU ENDS Europe
2017-05-10 Nicht Brüssel, sondern Mals Der Vinschger
2017-05-02 Europäische Generalversammlung von Pestizidexperten in Mals SudtirolerNews
2017-04-13 How many #pesticides did you eat today? Plenty according to European Food S... EU Reporter
2017-03-27 Pressure grows on Commission to change environment law after UN rebuke Euractiv
2017-03-24 Green NGOs blame Monsanto for ‘buying science’ to save glyphosate Euractiv
2017-03-24 L’UE se prépare à interdire les néonicotinoïdes Euractiv
2017-03-24 Néonicotinoïdes: Bruxelles propose enfin l’interdiction Journal de l...
2017-03-23 Europe poised for total ban on bee-harming pesticides UK The Guardian
2017-03-23 Attack of the bee killers EU Politico
2017-03-22 #WorldWaterDay: Protecting our tap water and aquatic ecosystems from pestic... EU Reporter
2017-03-07 UN advisor calls for global pesticides treaty EU ENDS Europe
2017-02-28 Commission decides not to vote on endocrine disruptor criteria EU Politico
2017-02-16 Neonicotinoid use continues despite ban - analysis EU ENDS Europe
2017-02-11 Europas Bürger gegen Glyphosat Deutsche Welle
2017-02-09 Commission tables fourth version of EDC criteria EU ENDS Europe
2017-01-12 Greenpeace: Neonicotinoids pose risks to multiple species Euractiv
2016-12-21 Limited scope of EDC outline guidance draws criticism EU ENDS Europe
2016-12-06 NGOs urge Commission to ban seven ‘bee-harming’ pesticides EU ENDS Europe
2016-11-25 Pesticide studies must be made public, EU court rules Euractiv
2016-11-23 Court sides with NGOs over pesticides EU Politico
2016-11-23 ECJ ruling on document access rattles chemical, pesticide industries EU Politico
2016-11-23 EU court backs disclosure of pesticides information EU ENDS Europe
2016-11-07 Commission finally says pesticide buprofezin cannot be used on food crops EU ENDS Europe
2016-10-28 Levels of pesticide residues in food are ‘safe’, finds EFSA EU ENDS Europe
2016-10-20 Concerns raised over ‘safe’ herbicide bensulfuron-methyl EU ENDS Europe
2016-09-14 Brexit: UK told ‘refrain from voting’ on EU pesticides EU ENDS Europe
2016-09-02 Herbicides: l’Efsa accusée de «fuite en avant» Journal de l...
2016-06-16 New rules to regulate Europe's hormone-disrupting chemicals UK The Guardian
2016-06-15 Perturbateurs endocriniens: des critères a minima Journal de l...
2016-04-19 Europe Bans Two Endocrine-Disrupting Weedkillers UK The Guardian
2016-04-07 Glyphosate: l’industrie propose une salle de lecture Journal de l...
2016-03-03 Glyphosate: l’Efsa visée par une plainte associative Journal de l...
2016-02-23 Ombudsman criticises Commission’s handling of pesticides Euractiv
2016-02-22 Pesticides: Bruxelles se fait taper sur les doigts Journal de l...
2016-02-22 EC promises to tighten pesticide regulation EU ENDS Europe
2016-01-13 Scientists battle over whether Roundup chemical causes cancer EU Politico
2016-01-09 Proposed exceptions to weedkiller bans draw activists’ ire EU Politico
2015-12-16 Court says EU Commission acted illegally in drafting chemicals rules Reuters
2015-11-18 German TV documentary on pesticides Germany WDR
2015-11-12 EU watchdog opens door to new licence for controversial weedkiller UK The Guardian
2015-11-11 Ex-employees of Nutrea (feed producer meet MEPs and call for an enquiry on... France Ouest France
2015-11-02 German TV documentary on glyphosate, with PAN-Europe Hans Muilerman intervi... Germany WDR
2015-10-29 Appeal to European Court of Justice on pesticide harmful to bees Belgium The Brussels Ti...
2015-10-27 Bienensterben: Comeback der Neonicotinoide? Geo
2015-10-26 Commission challenged over pesticide approval EU ENDS Europe
2015-10-26 Autorisation d’un pesticide nocif pour les abeilles Belgium Le Soir
2015-10-23 Europe's food watchdog embraces transparency Science Mag
2015-05-25 L’Europe perturbée par les hormones France Le Monde
2015-05-20 EU-Chemikalienregulierung: Wie die Industrie in Brüssel ihren Willen bekomm... Der Spiegel
2015-05-15 Europees evenement over pesticidenvrije steden en gemeenten op 8 juni CAPLO Nieuws
2015-05-07 Pesticide Free Towns Health and Envi...
2015-04-08 'Europese Commissie liep blindelings in de val van de industrie' Mondiaal Nieuws
2015-03-13 97% of pesticide levels in Europe's food legal, says EU agency Euractiv
2015-03-12 Interview on Radio France
2015-03-12 Strawberries top list of pesticide-laced food: EU report Reuters
2015-03-12 Controversy over EU claim of safe pesticide exposure EU ENDS Europe
2015-03-12 Over 97% of EU food meets pesticide limits AGRA FACTS
2015-02-02 'Suppressed' EU report could have banned pesticides worth billion... UK The Guardian
2015-01-28 Stricter licensing planned for 77 pesticides EU ENDS Europe
2015-01-21 Few pesticides likely to fall foul of EDC criteria – study EU ENDS Europe
2015-01-21 Pesticides: les associations fustigent la feuille de route européenne Journal de l...

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