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2018-12-07 Pesticides: des méthodes d’évaluation très critiquées Journal de l...
2018-12-06 Ideological divisions mar the pesticide special committee’s last act Euractiv
2018-12-06 EU pesticide approval system needs ‘major changes’ EU ENDS Europe
2018-12-03 Meno pesticidi e più turismo: la ricetta dei Borghi Autentici Italiani Italy Cambia La Terra
2018-11-26 Pressure mounts over controversial pesticide produced by DowDuPont EU Politico
2018-11-07 EU Commission drops move to soften pesticides EDC ban Chemical Watch
2018-11-07 PAN EUROPE deplores member states' refusal to apply EFSA guidelines fo... Agence Europe
2018-11-07 Member states ‘put #Bees at risk by failure to adopt guidance designed to p... EU Reporter
2018-11-05 France bans metam sodium pesticides EU ENDS Europe
2018-11-02 Civil society questions Europe’s ‘perfect’ pesticide authorisation system Euractiv
2018-11-02 120 NGOs launch Manifesto for change on pesticide authorisations EU Food Policy
2018-11-01 Nasce la Coalizione europea cittadini per la scienza nel controllo dei pest... Italy Il Salvagente
2018-11-01 120 NGOs and scientists urge EU for greater protection of health and enviro... Agence Europe
2018-10-31 Zulassung zu lasch? Deutschlandfunk
2018-10-31 Coalizione 100 ong, pubblicare dati test sicurezza pesticidi Italy ANSA
2018-10-31 Evaluation des pesticides : une coalition d'ONG et d'experts dema... France Actu Environnem...
2018-10-31 Call for reform to EU pesticides regulation EU ENDS Europe
2018-10-26 France imposes emergency ban on metam sodium pesticides EU ENDS Europe
2018-10-25 Pesticide licence renewals subject to EDC screening EU ENDS Europe
2018-10-24 EU executive bans three widely used pesticides EU ENDS Europe
2018-10-23 EU move to ‘soften’ pesticides EDC ban ‘deeply troubling’ – NGOs Chemical Watch
2018-10-23 ‘Illegal’ attempt to weaken EU pesticides rules backed by UK could increase... Independent
2018-10-16 Call for governments to back EC pesticide bans EU ENDS Europe
2018-10-11 France’s decade-old effort to slash pesticide use failed. Will a new attemp... Science Magazin...
2018-10-02 La Belgique n’est pas un bon élève en termes d’utilisation de pesticides, b... Belgium Le Soir
2018-09-28 MEPs call for non-agricultural pesticide ban EU ENDS Europe
2018-09-27 Glifosato, deputati Ue e sindaci chiedono bando europeo ANSA
2018-09-24 Business confidentiality: The ‘hot potato’ of new EU transparency rules on... Euractiv
2018-09-21 PEST Committee draft calls for transperancy AGRA FACTS
2018-09-21 MEP probe points to ‘shortcomings’ in EU pesticide approvals EU ENDS Europe
2018-09-20 Authorisation of pesticides - Recommendations of European Parliament specia... Agence Europe
2018-09-13 Lawmakers back plans to strengthen pesticide authorisation system EU ENDS Europe
2018-08-16 Neonic replacement could be just as harmful to bees EU ENDS Europe
2018-08-14 Renewed glyphosate ban calls after US court verdict EU ENDS Europe
2018-08-13 US court’s ruling raises questions for glyphosate in Europe Politico
2018-08-02 Warning over pesticides combination risk EU ENDS Europe
2018-07-30 Bayer to appeal neonic ban court verdict EU ENDS Europe
2018-07-26 NGOs join Brussels Region in glyphosate court case EU ENDS Europe
2018-07-18 Brussels moves goalposts on glyphosate EU Politico
2018-07-18 Campaigners fear open door for endocrine disrupting pesticides EU ENDS Europe
2018-07-17 Il progetto Città Libere dai Pesticidi a Occhiobello El Tamiso/AIAB
2018-07-16 Le alternative al glifosato già ci sono Italy Cambia La Terra
2018-07-11 MEPs call for overhaul of EU pesticide licensing EU ENDS Europe
2018-06-28 CAP reform set to play crucial role in EU action on bees EU ENDS Europe
2018-06-21 Agency 'lacks knowledge' on pesticide issue EU ENDS Europe
2018-06-20 EP’s pesticides committee chief ‘silent’ over toxic organic agent Euractiv
2018-06-19 Slovenia puts forward ideas pollinator protection AGRA FACTS
2018-04-30 Trenta comuni italiani aderiscono alla rete europea contro il pesticidi Spain La Republica
2018-04-29 EU ban on commonly used neonicotinoids to go ahead UK EU Policies
2018-04-27 L’Europe interdit trois néonicotinoïdes jugés dangereux pour les abeilles France Le Monde
2018-04-27 L'Europe vote l'interdiction de trois pesticides tueurs d'ab... France Le Figaro
2018-04-27 Europese Commissie steunt verbod op voor bijen gevaarlijk landbouwgif Belgium Knack
2018-04-27 EU agrees total ban on bee-harming pesticides UK The Guardian
2018-04-20 NGO accuses EC of reneging on pesticide control pledge EU ENDS Europe
2018-04-16 Call for new laws to tackle pharma waste EU ENDS Europe
2018-03-26 Pesticide firms: 'we have nothing to hide' EU ENDS Europe
2018-03-24 Bolzano aderisce alla Rete Europea delle Città Libere dai Pesticidi Buongiorno Südt...
2018-03-23 Auch Bozen wird Mitglied im Europäischen Netzwerk pestizidfreier Städte Südtirol News
2018-03-21 Avoid vested interests in safety testing new products Nature
2018-03-21 EU policymakers urged to avoid ‘vague’ CAP policy EU ENDS Europe
2018-03-19 How Syngenta won the war over weedkillers EU Politico
2018-03-04 European Report Confirms World's Most Popular Pesticide Hurts Bees Irinsider
2018-03-01 No justification’ for total ban on neonics, say farm leaders UK Farmers Weekly
2018-02-23 ‘High levels’ of pesticides found in Spanish rivers EU ENDS Europe
2018-02-21 En España sigue habiendo DDT: flota en nuestros ríos 40 años después de pro... El Confidencial
2018-02-21 ‘Ríos hormonados’: la masiva presencia de plaguicidas contamina las aguas d... El Salto
2018-02-13 Pesticides: Does the EU let industry write its own rules? Deutsche Welle
2018-02-11 Le monde magique des phytos France Le Monde
2018-02-10 Toutes les procédures d’évaluation des risques des pesticides sur les abeil... France Le Monde
2018-02-09 EU pesticides tests 'biased and manipulated' EU ENDS Europe
2018-02-06 Città libere dai pesticidi? Esistono e sono tante! Italia che camb...
2018-01-30 Nasce a Bruxelles la Rete Europea delle Città Libere dai Pesticidi Terra Nuova
2018-01-25 Città libere da pesticidi, nasce la rete delle città europee pesticide free GreenME
2018-01-24 France to call for withdrawal of dangerous pesticides EU ENDS Europe
2018-01-22 12 organizaciones ambientales solicitan al MAPAMA medidas para reducir el u... Info Agri
2018-01-22 Una docena de ONG piden a Tejerina que fije objetivos y un calendario para... Europa Press
2018-01-18 Swiss plan to ban all synthetic agrichemicals EU ENDS Europe
2018-01-18 Casalduni nella “Rete Europea” contro i pesticidi per salvaguardare il terr... RTR 24
2018-01-17 Città senza pesticidi Lozzolo entra nella rete La Stampa
2018-01-12 Lozzolo: Impiegato l’aceto per la gestione del verde pubblico Valsesia Notizi...
2018-01-01 European Food Safety Authority draft guidance on nano EU Food Policy
2017-12-13 Member States give green light to Commission's plan on endocrine disru... Euractiv
2017-12-08 Identifying EDCs “impossible” under new EU guidelines EU ENDS Europe
2017-12-08 Watchdog links pesticide to bee decline EU Politico
2017-12-07 Environmental Groups Plan to Sue EU Regulators over Glyphosate Decision Beyond Pesticid...
2017-12-07 Robilante è il terzo comune d'Italia ad aderire alla rete delle Città... L’economico
2017-12-07 Robilante è il terzo comune d'Italia ad aderire alla rete delle Città... Targato CN
2017-12-07 Ré-autorisation du glyphosate : la contre-attaque juridique s'organise France Actu Environnem...
2017-12-06 #SaveTheBees coalition: 80 EU NGOs gather to demand a full ban on neonicoti... EU Reporter
2017-12-06 NGOs urge neonicotinoid ban, tougher EDC controls EU ENDS Europe
2017-12-06 Klage gegen Glyphosatschwindel Die Junge Welt
2017-12-04 Glyphosate : les ONG portent plainte contre les agences d’expertise europée... France Le Monde
2017-11-27 Glyphosate, Top-Selling Weed Killer, Wins E.U. Approval for 5 Years New York Times
2017-11-08 The bitter battle over the world’s most popular insecticides Nature
2017-11-07 Campaigners pile on pressure ahead of glyphosate vote EU ENDS Europe
2017-10-30 Five-year EU glyphosate proposal criticised by all EU ENDS Europe
2017-10-25 Member States fail to deliver clear position on glyphosate renewal AGRA FACTS
2017-10-24 EU on brink of historic decision on pervasive glyphosate weedkiller UK The Guardian
2017-10-24 Parliament demands ban on glyphosate within five years EU ENDS Europe
2017-10-20 Pestizide auf Spielplätzen? Umweltschützer klagen an Stol-Local

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