Rachel Carson Month Newsletter 2022

  • Sixty years after Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring is almost here
  • Why is FAO so complacent with Syngenta’s killer herbicide Paraquat ?
  • Legal actions against derogations and the re-approval of beekiller cypermethrin

Pesticide Summer Newsletter 2022

  • Russian aggression used by the agribusiness lobby
  • New Campaign: Ban the Toxic 12
  • Florence joins the Pesticide-Free Town Network
  • Sulfoxaflor will be banned but wild bees are still at risk ​

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Summer 2019 Newsletter

Autumn 2018 Newsletter- Agriculture, Bees, EDCs, Pesticide-Free Towns

In this seasonal newsletter, we would like to share with you updates from the forefront of pesticide action, and news on inspiring grassroots mobilizations from our members across Europe. 


Summer 2018 Newsletter

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