January 2013

How NGOs can help farmers to get a higher price for their products

In this briefing you may read experiences of NGOs who have helped farmers in getting a fairer price for their products.

December 2012

Innovation and resource efficiency – the way forward is reducing chemical input dependency

March 2010

Pesticides and the loss of biodiversity

How intensive pesticide use affects wildlife populations and species diversity
Presenting research into the impact of pesticides on biodiversity and detailing current policies and methods for biodvieristy conservation.

December 2008

PAN Europe position paper on Commission proposal for a Directive on machinery for pesticide application (2008/0172-COD)

June 2008

Analysis of UK Pesticides Safety Directorate report on the proposed cut off criteria and substitution provisions

April 2008

Message in a Bottle

An investigation uncovering large numbers of pesticide residues in bottles of wine on sale in the European Union.

February 2008

An analysis of the Commission's proposals for 'cut off criteria' and candidates for substitution

February 2008

List of substances potentially affected by the Commission's proposed approvals criteria (Annex II, COM(2006)388)

February 2008

Analysis of CMR and Endocrine Disruptors in the EU Food Chain

January 2008

An analysis of the Commission's proposal to create multi-national authorisation zones

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