February 2008

An analysis of the Commission's proposals for 'cut off criteria' and candidates for substitution

January 2008

An analysis of the Commission's proposal to create multi-national authorisation zones

October 2007

Hazardous Pesticides in the European Parliament

An investigation into the contamination of supermarket food items purchased inside the European Parliament building.

April 2007

Letter to Members of the European Parliament and European Food Safety Authority

"Paraquat poisoning incidents in Portugal and Europe"

February 2007

Cut Back on Pesticides for Healthier Lives

An overview of scientific current understanding on the links between pesticide exposure and negative health impacts.

Also available in BulgarianSlovakian and Slovenian

December 2006

Joint letter to Commissioner Dimas

"Methyl Bromide Critical Use Exemptions: Disappointing Results of the Montreal Protocol Meeting of the Parties of November 2006, New Delhi"

November 2006

Joint letter to Commissioner Dimas "Pesticides and bees protection"

November 2006

Join letter to members of the EP Environment Committee

"Beekeepers - Pesticides - Inclusion of active substances in Annex I of Directive 91/414" (EN) (FR).

November 2006

Joint letter to Member States representatives

Calling for the ban of fipronil in the framework of review of pesticides under Directive 91/414/EEC (EN) (FR)

November 2006

Joint letter to Commissioner Kyprianou

"Pesticides and bees protection: the case of Imidacloprid, Fipronil, Thiamethoxam and Clothianidin" (EN) (FR)

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