Highly Hazardous Pesticides

International Appeal for a ban of highly hazardous pesticides

Decades of experience has shown that, despite numerous ‘safe use’ programs, the ’safe use’ of highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs) is not possible. People, farmanimals, wildlife and the environment continue to suffer considerable harm from HHPs. After decades of failure which have seen millions of deaths worldwide, new policies are needed to stop pesticide poisonings. A progressive phaseout and ban of HHPs, along with new policies for supporting alternatives, can make a change towards a healthy and sustainable world for all. 

Sign up as an organisation

More than 400 organisations in more than 100 countries already signed the appeal. The more organizations sign, the stronger will be this call for action against the use of highly hazardous pesticides and for the implementation of agroecological alternatives.

The appeal is available in four languages. To read it and find out how to sign it as an organisation, go to PAN International pages:





Sign the appeal by sending the following information to carina.weber (at) pan-germany.org: 1) Name of the organisation, 2) Country, 3) Name of the Kontakt person, 4) Email of the contact person.

Individuals: please sign the appeal 

This campaign is organised jointly by all regional centers of PAN-International​

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