Workshop on Victims of Pesticides Tell Their Stories

PAN Europe organised a workshop on 7 December 2016 in order to allow pesticide victims to tell their stories and to have an exchange on existing European campaigns allowing victims to make their stories heard.Since 2015, PAN Europe has a homepage dedicated to victims of pesticides, trying to gather national initiatives but also adding new stories on from other parts of Europe

PAN Europe member in France, Générations Futures, has been working with farmers victims of pesticides in France for years now, trying to help them and make sure their story is heard. They are collected on a dedicated webpage. In France there has been increased awareness of the victims of pesticides, there has been a number of important court cases, certain diseases have been recognized as professional diseases by the public health insurance while the topic has also gotten a lot of media attention. Moreover, something very special in France the victims of pesticides have an association assisting them, l’association Phyto-Victimes.

PAN Germany has been hosting a hot-line where potential victims could call to get advice, and has now also published a booklet giving the victims a voice.

The purpose of this workshop was to allow victims to tell their story. See the program in EN and FR


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