Letter to Members of the Parliament to support PEST report

Dear Member of the European Parliament,

This Wednesday 16th of January, you are invited to vote on the report of the Special Committee on the Union’s authorisation procedure for pesticides (PEST).

The report recapitulates the conclusions of a series of hearings that took place in the Parliament this year and confirms the findings of previous parliamentary reports paving the way to further improve the current authorisation system of pesticides in Europe and the implementation of the European Law, which is underpinned by the precautionary principle.

Its adoption by the Parliament is crucial. On behalf of the steering committee of the European coalition “Citizens for Science in Pesticide Regulation”, consisting of more than 130 civil society organisations and institutions, we ask you to vote in favour of the report as adopted by the PEST Committee to ensure a high level of protection for human, animal and environmental health against potential harm caused by the use of pesticides in the EU.

Scientific evidence reporting harm caused by pesticides is too overwhelming to ignore highlighting that a reform of the current pesticide authorisation system is urgent.

By voting in favour of the report you will support:

  • Recognising that the EU system has to be improved to achieve its purpose
  • An independent, objective, up to date and transparent assessment of active substances and pesticide products, addressing chemical mixtures and chronic exposures
  • To update data requirements and guidance documents to increase level of protection particularly for the most vulnerable and the environment
  • Full implementation of Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive giving priority to sustainable and ecological alternatives to plant protection products, and consistency with Plant Protection Product Regulation when approving an active substance or product, or when using derogations
  • The ban of the use of pesticides for desiccation resulting in high crop residues and in areas used by the general public or by vulnerable groups 
  • A post-market vigilance system, monitoring real-life exposures and impacts, evaluating efficiency of models and test methods used in risk assessment, taking into account real-life exposure levels in renewals of active substances and products
  • An increase in expertise, independence and objectivity in Member States and EFSA involved in the assessment, ensuring scientific knowledge and capacity to thoroughly assess raw data;
  • Carrying out regular audits in GLP-certified and national reference laboratories;
  • Integration and proper evaluation of all relevant peer-reviewed scientific publications on active substances or products in the assessment, considering adjuvants, co-formulants and mixture effects.

The report will help to improve the European system of pesticide authorisation to meet its purpose to provide a high level of protection for humans, animals and the environment.

Thank you for your kind attention,

With kind regards,

Angeliki Lysimachou on behalf of the steering group of Citizens for Science in Pesticide Regulation

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The  manifesto of the European Coalition "Citizens for Science in the pesticide Regulation" for "rigorous science, safe food, and a healthy environment" has been signed by over than 130 environmental, health, trade union, consumer protection, scientific and medical organisations and institutions, as well as concerned individuals, calling on policy makers to take action to urgently reform the current procedure of pesticide authorization and protect citizens and the environment against all potential harm caused by the use of pesticides in the production of our food and management of public (or private) areas. https://citizens4pesticidereform.eu/    


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