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June 2016

Food Security and Agriculture

Food security depends very much on the number of people needing food, the level of consumption of people (especially animal diets), and the availability of (fertile) lands.

July 2022

Patterns of systematic and unlawful prolongation of toxic pesticide approvals by the European Commission

May 2023

Pesticide Co-formulants: Hidden Toxins Remain Under the Radar

What are Co-formulants, Synergists and Safeners in Pesticides?

October 2015

Pesticides in Food

Latest information on the widespread presence of pesticides in food items sold in the European Union.

October 2015


Eleven European supermarkets are now taking steps to reduce the level of pesticides in their food supply chains. Our Factsheet summarises these efforts. 
See also Supermarket Summary Table of Commitments

November 2021

Why EFSA’s assessments of Member States’ 120-days derogations on pesticides are flawed

For the second time, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has produced a flawed assessment on derogations provided by Member States for the use of neonicotinoids, based on article 53 of the pesticide regulation 1107/2009/EC.

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