Help to reduce pesticides now!

Help to realise pesticide reduction and nature restoration - send a message to politicians!

The coming months the EU Parliament and Member States in the EU Council will take very important decisions on pesticides. Please use our tool to write to members of the EU Parliament. Ask them in a polite way for more ambition. You can make it much stronger by adding your own words and send the message. Add your concerns about glyphosate if you like. The tool selects the country of your IP adress, but of course you can also select another country.

Over 1 million European citizens demand an end to pesticides in the 'Save Bees and Farmers' initiative. We want an environmentally-friendly agriculture for health, biodiversity and sustainable production of healthy food. We ask the govenments to reward farmers to work with nature. We need your continued support in this next step in the political process. The EU Commission presented two legal proposals to reduce pesticides and to restore nature. They are under heavy attack by politicians who put the interests of the chemical industry above citizens, farmers, health and biodiversity. Don't let them get away with that!

Your voice counts, for a healthy future for us and our children and grandchildren!

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