Spring, or should we say spraying, season is here!

Today starts the annual Pesticide Action Week in France, Italy and Switzerland. From the 20th to the 30th of March, organisations and local initiatives will raise awareness of the health and environmental risks of pesticides. As well as to show that alternative solutions do exist. This week many organisations and citizens are willing to show the world how and why we can get rid of toxic chemicals, for good. 

Why now?

The first ten days of spring represent the beginning of pesticide spraying season. This year’s specific theme is One Health. A concept that entails the health of all things that live around us. From farms to fields, to people, and our environment. It involves self-sufficiency and a circular economy, the protection and conservation of resources, and giving value to food and those who produce it.

Want to contribute?

If you live in France, Italy or Switzerland you can help to spread the news on the events and spread the news! Many of them are linked to events on social networks, you just have to share them. And above all, nothing beats word of mouth from acquaintances, families and neighbours. To spread the word about the action week the organisers have created a multitude of visuals that can be adapted as posters, flyers or on social networks. With a simple click, you can let hundreds of people know about PAW. Let's not forget that this event is also a moment of sharing and exchange, so why not go to your shopkeepers, local associations, and town halls to ask for some flyers or a poster?

Do you live in another country or an area where no activities are planned yet? Don’t hesitate to make it happen. Organise an event if you can and inform the organisers to include it in the agenda. Or publish images of sprayed fields, pay attention to the effects of pesticides. Too busy now? You can also think about organising something for next years Pesticide Action Week.

Reasons to celebrate

In France, the last three victories onneonicotinoids, pesticides in Créances Carrottes and the much-used herbicide S-metolachlor will be highlighted. The Pesticide Action Week (PAW) is the ideal time to promote alternatives. In 2023, the fight remains as relevant as ever! The very good news is that alternatives exist. Since the first edition in 2005, thousands of citizens and hundreds of organisations have been promoting healthy agricultureyear during the action week.

More about the Pesticide Action Week HERE.

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