Hungarian city of Törökbálint joins the European Pesticide Free Towns Network

The Hungarian city of Törökbálint has joined the European Pesticide Free Towns Network. The initiative reflects the city's commitment to reducing pesticide usage in public spaces, thereby enhancing biodiversity and creating a safer, healthier environment for its residents.

A Vision for a Healthier Community

The decision to join the European Pesticide Free Towns Network was driven by a clear vision from the city's leadership. In a statement, the Mayor of Törökbálint Sándor Elek shared his enthusiasm for this new chapter in the city's environmental strategy: "On behalf of the leaders and residents of Törökbálint, I would like to thank you for accepting our application to join the Pesticide Free Towns Network. In recent years, our municipality has begun to explore the possibility of tackling an increasing number of city management problems with environmentally friendly solutions. We are phasing out chemical treatments in public areas and working on the continuous information and awareness-raising of the public. We are also working to promote the public acceptance of environmentally friendly mosquito control."

The entire Mayor’s statement can be read here.

Environmental Initiatives in Action

Törökbálint has already made significant efforts in various environmental initiatives, setting a strong foundation for its participation in the network. Some of the key actions taken by the city include:

  • Phasing out chemical treatments: The city is reducing the use of chemical pesticides in public areas, opting for more natural and sustainable methods to manage pests and maintain green spaces.
  • Promoting household composting: Törökbálint has introduced composting practices to reduce waste and enrich the soil naturally.
  • Rainwater retention projects: The city is implementing measures to retain rainwater, which helps in sustainable water management.
  • Waste Reduction Alternatives: Aims to minimize waste generation and promote recycling and reusing materials.

The Importance of Joining the Network

Joining the European Pesticide Free Towns Network provides the City of Törökbálint with access to knowledge and best practices from other member towns. The Mayor highlighted the significance of this collaboration: "We have high hopes of joining a knowledge base that will help us to avoid chemicals as much as possible, using the best practices of others. Experience is of great value in this journey, because failed attempts can discourage both the public and the managers responsible for the smooth running of the city, and make it difficult to get the goals accepted."

By participating in this network, Törökbálint can learn from the successes and challenges faced by other towns, ensuring that their efforts are effective and sustainable.

A Commitment to the Future

By embracing environmentally friendly solutions and reducing chemical use, Törökbálint is setting an example for other cities to follow. Their proactive approach not only protects the health of their citizens but also preserves the natural environment and promotes biodiversity.

As Törökbálint continues on this path, it stands as a beacon of progress, demonstrating the power of community action in creating a sustainable and healthier world for future generations.

The European Pesticide Free Towns Network

The Pesticide Free Towns is a campaign by the Pesticide Action Network Europe to eliminate synthetic pesticide use in urban areas, protecting both human health and biodiversity. The initiative encourages cities to commit to a pesticide-free transition over three years, with mayors signing a non-binding pledge. 

Some European Member States have already limited or completely banned the use pesticides in public places. The European Pesticide Free Towns Network helps municipalities in countries that have not yet banned municipal pesticide use by providing resources and support to transition to pesticide-free practices.

Members of the network receive support in the form of knowledge, advice, and networking opportunities to help them phase out pesticides. The network also aims to create a critical mass of towns advocating for stronger pesticide phase-out policies at national and European levels.

See the map of Pesticide Free Towns here.

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