Have your say in the Consultation on the EU Pesticide Reduction Law

The EU has presented a proposal for a new regulation on pesticide reduction. This law will regulate how we deal with pesticides for many years to come and can be a real game changer. However, the current text is not ambitious enough.  And it is already under attack by the chemical and industrial farming industries. You can give your opinion in the public consultation. We have developed a tool to make it easier for you.

Today, our world is controlled by a powerful chemical lobby. They make their profits with a toxic model of agriculture at a great cost to society. They tell us we can’t feed the world without pesticides. However, in every country around the world, there are farmers and scientists who show and prove this isn’t true. Respectful farming can reduce pesticides by 80%! Integrated Pest Management (IPM) uses clever agronomic methods to prevent pests and uses chemicals only as a very last resort.

To move away from destructive chemical agriculture we must take back control. The resources are there, but we have to ensure public money and research are used correctly. Indeed, the world would be much healthier and biodiverse if:

  • farming subsidies (1/3 of the total EU budget) would be used in the right way
  • the most toxic chemicals were immediately banned
  • less toxic pesticides were to be properly taxed now and phased out soon
  • the polluter pays the price that is now paid by society
  • the polluter is prosecuted for damage to ecosystems, water quality or health

This is a matter of wise political decisions. We cannot let the chemical farming industry dominate this field. Your voice counts, together we can make this change. For us, our children and the generations to come.

To help this change you take part in this EU consultation and let your voice be heard. Help to move towards farming that supports biodiversity and works with nature instead of destroying it. This change is absolutely necessary to restore biodiversity and protect our health. 

Together we made the Save the Bees and Farmers citizens initiative a success. Let our voices be heard again. We built a tool to make it easier for you, thanks to our partner and member organisation Générations Futures.


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