2020 pesticidevrij- Pesticide Free Gardening is Possible!

#2020withoutpesticides ("2020pesticidevrij") is a campaign with the aim of no more pesticides on the shelves in stores and teaching people how they can maintain their gardens, terrace and drive without using pesticides. This campaign has been launched by Velt, an association for living and gardening in an ecologic way. Velt has already proven for more than 40 years that ecologic gardening works with great results. This association today counts 17,000 members in Flanders and the Netherlands.

2020pesticidevrij focusses on lawns this year. Why? A study shows us that half of the Flemish people still uses pesticides, and 1/3 of them uses them on their lawns. We’re outraged, because that’s the place where the children play!

Therefore, we launched a special website (in Dutch): www.velt.nu/gazon, where we give a lot of tips for your lawn: how to maintain it in an ecological way, what to do in shadowplaces, and a suggestion to plant flower bulbs. 

On the 2nd and 3th June, there will be our yearly ‘Ecotuindagen’, two days on which our people open their gardens. 250 gardens in Flanders and the Netherlands will show you how you can garden without using pesticides, how to maintain and enjoy your lawns. They will inspire more or less 40.000 people. You can plan your visit at www.ecotuindagen.nu (in Dutch). 

By Velt, Flanders - Belgium

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