January 2018

Briefing on DG Sante overview report on the authorisation process of pesticides

Pesticide Action Network Europe comments on the European Commission (DG Sante) overview report (2017-6250-MR) on the authorisation process of pesticides in Member States

November 2017

Citizens form human banner to demand EU ban on glyphosate

EU decision makers must act now and vote no to new licence

Berlin/Amsterdam, 4 November 2017 – Today over 200 people formed a human banner at the Tempelhofer field in Berlin to demand that the EU bans glyphosate. On Thursday, 9 November, representatives of the EU’s 28 governments will vote on a proposal by the European Commission to renew the authorisation of the weedkiller for another five years. The message “Vote NO” formed by EU citizens called on Europeans decision-makers to reject the proposal.

October 2017

PAN Europe's position on European Commission's latest glyphosate proposal

October 2017

PAN 2017 - Policy Recommendations concerning glyphosate EU reauthorisation

September 2017

PAN Europe’s position on European Commission’s EDC criteria proposal

PAN Europe’s briefing on the Commission’s EDC (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals) criteria proposal in line with the requirements of the Plant Protection Products Regulation 1107/2009

July 2017

At the EU Commission, citizens tear down giant Glyphosate bottle as regulators discuss its re-approval


Brussels, 19th July 2017 – Today, as regulators met at the EU Commission headquarters to discuss the future of Glyphosate – the most used, and possibly most controversial, herbicide active substance in the world – citizens and civil society organizations from all over Europe gathered in the square outside the Berlaymont complex in a symbolic stunt.

July 2017

Why the CAP is broken on pesticides?

Inspiration note for the development of EU’s Common Agricultural Policy: Why the CAP is broken on pesticides?

This reflection paper is in twelve points shortly questionning the CAP payments relating to pesticide issues. So far there is only a very limited mandatory instrument: pesticide free Ecological Focus Areas and Farm Advisory Systems which could help to encourage the needed transition towards low inputs farming. Time to open up this debate.

March 2017

Are pesticides needed to feed the world?

Are pesticides needed to feed the world?

Technically, pesticides are not needed at all to produce food; organic production is a realistic alternative.

Farmers producing organic food or food with far less pesticides earn a comparable income compared to the majority of conventional farmers.

If the real costs for society would be calculated, industrial farming is not economical.

February 2017

PAN Europe’s position on Commission's fourth draft proposal for EDC criteria

PAN Europe’s position on:

Commission’s legal act (fourth update) on the draft EDC (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals) criteria proposal presented on 21th of December Standing Committee on Plans, Animals, Food and Feed (SCoPAFF), section phytopharmaceuticals.

January 2017

Making Ecological Focus Areas pesticide-free is the only way forward

Brussels, December 2016


‘Ecological focus areas should be established, in particular, in order to safeguard and improve biodiversity on farms’ Recital 44 of Regulation (EU) 1307/2013

The European Commission is proposing to ban use of pesticides in productive areas ofthe so-called Ecological Focus Areas as part of the simplification and streamlining exercise ‘greening after one year’. PAN Europe and its members welcome this proposalas a logical step to put biodiversity at the heart of EFAs and urge all MS to support it.

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