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Ruthless Power and Deleterious Politics from DDT to Roundup



EFSA allows advocates of the risk assessment tool TTC to develop the tool for EFSA, and keeps independent experts and critics at a distance:

Victory in court: names of experts need to be disclosed

ClientEarth and Pesticide Action Network Europe took the European Food Safety Authority to court because it refused to publish the names of experts giving their opinion on whether chemicals are safe for use in our food. Making experts’ contribution public helps stop undue pressure from industry affecting decisions which impact on our health and the environment.

In a landmark win for transparency in Europe, the EU Court confirmed that the protection of health and the environment is more important than confidentiality for expert commentators. The judgement will have a major impact on all scientific decisions taken in the EU, and will safeguard the openness of the EU decision making process. You can read the court decision here.

EU NGOs call for debate on risk assessment paradigms


Science victim of corporate power: Seralini's two-year GM-study retracted from a scientific journal for no good reason



Special Flash Newsletter on the Pesticide Action Week.

International Organisation for Biological Control (IOBC-wprs), International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA) and Pesticide Action Network Europe (PAN-Europe) wish to illustrate what Integrated Pest Management (IPM) means, and how the Sustainable Use Directive can be implemented.

The CAP reform will not be able to reduce EU’s dependency on pesticides, but the battle is still only at the beginning.

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