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PAN partner publications

PAN groups have produced a useful set of publications as part of their capacity-building work with NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe. These include:

PAN Germany 

Pesticide Action Handbook [PDF 964KB]
A Guide for Central and Eastern European NGOs...and others, 2003.This is a good introduction to pesticide hazards, international and EU pesticide policy opportunities and shortcomings, as well as guidance on how to lobby at EU level.

Pesticides in Central and Eastern European Countries
Usage, Registration, Identification and Evaluation. Case studies on Poland [PDF 996KB], Hungary [PDF 976KB], Czech Republic [PDF 996KB] and Slovenia (2003) [PDF 928KB]

Moving towards Pesticide Reduction [PDF 848KB]...realising Best Agricultural Practise in Central and Eastern Europe, 2004.

From Law to Field - From Pesticide Residue Analyses to Action, 2002 [PDF 1088KB]
This PAN Germany publication looks at residues and risk in relation to conventional and IPM practice in apple and wheat production in Germany.

Pesticide Use Reporting - Options and Possibilities for Europe [PDF 2.22 MB]
The study gives an overview about agriculture and pesticide use in the EU and lists and evaluates several options for pesticide use reporting systems. It contains detailed suggestions for the implementation of necessary frameworks to establish a pesticide use reporting system in the EU. Published 2003.

Pesticide Use Reporting, Legal Framework, Data Processing and Utilisation [PDF 886KB]
The study shows how the US states California and Oregon collect, process and use data on pesticide use, January 2002.


Pesticides News
Articles from PAN UK’s quarterly journal about pesticide problems, policy or alternatives in specific European countries or at EU level are available under Regulation/Europe in the Pesticides News page, for articles published before January 2003.

The pesticide challenge: promoting safer pest management [PDF 1,147KB]
This report gives papers from the PAN UK conference 2002 on comparative risk assessment of pesticides and different initiatives to promote alternatives.
Alternatively download each presentation as HTML pages.

Breaking the Pesticide Chain, 2003 [PDF 699KB]
This report from PAN UK and Friends of the Earth attacks the government for failing to grasp an opportunity to find safer alternatives to chemical pesticides in the context of the withdrawal from the market of 320 pesticides across the EU in July 2003.

PAN North America 

Pesticide hazards database
PAN North America’s on-line database is easy to use and contains a wealth of information on health and environmental impacts, from US EPA and other sources, searchable by active ingredient and product name.

Other organisations

Children’s health and environment: a review of evidence, 2002
This joint report by WHO and the European Environment Agency includes a section on pesticides which critiques current risk assessment for failing to consider total exposure or susceptibility of vulnerable groups.

From Silent Spring to Scientific Revolution Parts I and II, 2002
This article by JP Myers, published by Rachel’s Environment & Health News issues 757-758, gives an easy to read summary of the new scientific findings challenging traditional toxicological paradigms, with particular focus on endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

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