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Welcome to PAN Europe
Pesticides Action Network Europe
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To promote sustainable alternatives,
PAN Europe co-ordinates and strengthens activities of European NGOs addressing pesticide problems.

PRESS RELEASE: (26 March 2008): European wines systematically contaminated with pesticide residues.

Pesticide Action Network Europe, together with NGOs from Austria, France and Germany, has uncovered substantial evidence that wines on sale in the European Union may contain residues of a large number of pesticides. The announcement follows an NGO investigation of 40 bottles of wine purchased inside the EU – including wines made by world famous vineyards.


PRESS RELEASE: EU Parliament's modest crack-down on pesticides (26 June 2007)

The Environment Committee today voted for an improvement on the proposed Thematic Strategy and Framework Directive on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides. Environmental and health groups EEB, Friends of the Earth Europe, Health & Environment Alliance and Pesticides Action Network Europe, are glad that Members of the European Parliament have successfully brought in some positive measures to reduce total exposure to and risks from pesticides.

PRESS RELEASE: Ministers must seize initiative to reduce chemical water pollution (22 May 2007)

As the debate progresses over a proposed Directive determining which polluting chemicals should be limited in Europe’s water, the European Parliament today voted to increase the list of pollutants. Health and environmental NGOs took some comfort from the large majorities on the positive points and appeal to environment ministers to support screening of safety information that becomes available under the EU’s new Chemicals law (REACH ) to better identify pollutants, when ministers announce their position in June.


PRESS RELEASE: WHO Affirms Commitments to DDT Reduction in Malaria Control (03/05/07)

During the Third Conference of Parties to the Stockholm Convention in Dakar Senegal, Director of the World Health Organization Office on Public Health and Environment Dr Maria Neira stated categorically that WHO strongly supports the Stockholm Convention, and is committed to reducing reliance on DDT in malaria control. Addressing a large audience of delegates at the WHO/UNEP event “Reducing Reliance on DDT While Strengthening Malaria Control,” Dr. Neira affirmed the WHO goal to reduce use of DDT and eventually eliminate it, in accordance with the Stockholm Convention.

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