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About PAN Europe
Pesticides Action Network Europe
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To promote sustainable alternatives,
PAN Europe co-ordinates and strengthens activities of European NGOs addressing pesticide problems.


Pesticide Action Network (PAN) is a network of over 600 non-governmental organizations, institutions and individuals in over 60 countries worldwide working to replace the use of hazardous pesticides with ecologically sound alternatives. Its projects and campaigns are coordinated by five autonomous Regional Centres.

PAN Europe is the regional centre in Europe of the Pesticide Action Network (PAN); it was founded in 1987 and is facilitated jointly by PAN Germany and PAN UK, who together represent the European region at international level. Coordination of activities is currently organised from the PAN UK office in London. The PAN Europe network consists of consumer, public health and environmental organisations, trade unions, women's groups, development and sustainable farming groups and farmer associations. We have over 50 partner organisations throughout Europe and over 250 organisations and individuals receive our newsletter. Our campaign for Pesticide Use Reduction in Europe (PURE) is supported by 91 organisations in 30 European countries.

PAN Europe’s work aims to achieve policy change at European level for:
· more effective controls on pesticides to better protect human health and the environment;
· concrete targets and timetables for pesticide use reduction;
· promotion of safer and more sustainable management of pests, diseases and weeds;
· increased transparency and public participation in pesticide policy and decision-making.

PAN Europe is the focal point for NGO advocacy and public participation in EU pesticide policy and our activities include: lobbying at Brussels level; disseminating information on pesticide problems, regulations and alternatives; organising workshops and conferences and facilitating dialogue for change between government, private sector and civil society stakeholders.

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