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EDC Free – Stop hormone disrupting chemicals

We are all exposed to endocrine disrupting chemicals-EDCs in our daily lives But despite growing evidence that exposure to them is contributing to a range of health problems, governments have been slow in regulating and eliminating this exposure. This Call for Action, signed by 17 NGOs from all over Europe, arises from the urgent need to reduce people’s exposure to EDCs and states what the EU and national governments should do.

Semaine Sans Pesticides (SSP)

'Semaine Sans Pesticides' (Week without Pesticides - in English)is a major grassroots initiative which Semaine Sans Pesticidesoriginated in France and incorporates hundreds ofeventstaking place over a 10 day period. Held annually in late March, SSP aims to promote viable alternatives to chemical pest control in agriculture, transport, gardening, and local amenities.

Weet wat je eet

Weet Wat Je EetInitiated by Dutch NGOs Milieudefensie and foodwatch, Weet wat je eet (Know what you eat in English) is an on-line information resource which allows Dutch consumers to compare pesticide contamination levels among food items sourced from major Dutch supermarkets

Chemicals Health Monitor

Chemicals Health Monitor A project initiated by Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL). Provides authoritative information to support measure to reduce harmful effects of hazardous chemicals on human health and the environment

Wear Organic

A project of PAN UK, Wear Organic works to reduce the negative impacts of pesticides in global cotton production by promoting organic and fairly traded Wear Organiccotton alternatives. Free information resources including a directory of organic cotton retail outlets are available on-line.

The Bhopal Medical Appeal

Supported by groups and individuals worldwide, the Bhopal Medical Appeal is a civil society organisation which delivers free medical relief to the victims of the Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal, India.The Bhopal Medical Appeal

TP Organics

TP ‘‘Organics’ is a platform for organic food and farming research TP Organicswhich joins the efforts of industry and civil society in defining organic research priorities and defending them vis-à-vis the policy-makers.

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