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Pesticides, main topics
3.5 million sites (in total) across the EU may be potentially contaminated, with 0.5 million sites being really contaminated and needing remediation.

Summary of the impact assessment of the Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection: SEC(2006) 620
"Average spending in EU-27 stands at 80 E/ha for fertilisers, 53 E/ ha for PPP and 582 E/LSU for feedingstuffs."

Eurostat (2009): Agricultural statistics, Agriculture and fisheries, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, ISBN 978-92-79-12436-5
  1. Introduction to pesticide Regulation
    New elements of Regulation 1107/2009 and the implementation of the Regulation
  2. Health impacts of pesticides
    Short review of recent literature on negative side-effects of pesticide use on human health.
  3. Environmental impacts of pesticides
    Short review of recent literature on negative side-effects of pesticides use on the environment.
  4. Risk perception of EU citizens
    EU Barometers showing citizens know about risks (while they don’t have the details).
  5. Cut-off criteria
    Strict criteria which apply for pesticides assessed under new Regulation 1107/2009.
  6. Pesticides in the spotlight
    1,3-Dichloropropene, Glyphosate and other nasty ones.
  7. Bees
    Testing for bees and the big controversy on bee colony collapse
  8. Endocrine disrupting pesticides
    Definition, criteria and testing methods to be developed by Commission December 2013.
  9. Use of science in risk assessment of pesticides
    Legal obligation, EFSA guideline and the dominance of industry GLP-studies.
  10. Cumulative and synergistic effects of pesticides
    Legal obligation, EFSA opinions and deterministic vs. probabilistic.
  11. Reproduction effects of pesticides and chronic diseases
    Chronic diseases in society rising; what is the contribution of chemicals?
  12. Developmental neurotoxicity
    Potential effects of pesticides on the developing brain and mental diseases.
  13. Resubmission and other loopholes in EU approval of pesticides
    Loopholes blocking progress; Member States caring more about farmers than health and the environment?
  14. Data requirements
    The tests chemical industry needs to do to apply for market access for their chemical.
  15. Uniform Principles
    The methods of risk assessment to be used for doing a national evaluation for authorisation of a pesticide formulation.
  16. Zonal authorisation
    Authorisation done in four zones; mutual recognition required in Member States.
  17. Substitution of pesticides
    List of candidates of substitution and comparative risk assessment

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