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PAN Europe partners
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49 organisations in 23 countries have joined the PAN Europe network, from environmental, public health, trade unions, food and farming associations.

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1. Bond Beter Leefmilieu, BELGIUM
2. Children of the Earth, CZECH REPUBLIC
3. Trade Union Institute for Work, Environment & Health (ISTAS) , SPAIN
4. Coalition against BAYER-Dangers (CBG), GERMANY
5. Coherence, FRANCE
6. Inter Bio Bretagne, FRANCE
7. Eau et Rivières de Bretagne, FRANCE
8. European Environmental Bureau, (EEB), Brussels
9. European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), Brussels
10. For Civil Society, KYRGHYSTAN
11. France Nature Environnement (FNE), FRANCE
12. Friends of the Earth, CZECH REPUBLIC
13. Friends of the Earth (England, Wales and Northern Ireland), UK
14. Green Doctors - International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE), UKRAINE
15. Inter-Environnement Wallonie, BELGIUM
16. Leefmilieu, NETHERLANDS
17. Liga para a Protecção de Natureza (LPN), PORTUGAL
18. Medium et Sanitas, ROMANIA
19. Monitoring Network Health and Environment, NETHERLANDS
20. Mouvement pour les Droits et le Respect des Générations Futures (MDRGF), FRANCE
21. PAN Belgium, BELGIUM
22. PAN Germany, GERMANY
23. PAN Europe, London/Hamburg
24. PAN UK, UK
25. Polish Ecological Club, POLAND
26. Polish Coalition to Support Organic Agriculture, POLAND
27. Société pour l'Etude, la Protection et l'Aménagement de la Nature dans le Sud-Ouest (SEPANSO), FRANCE
28. Soil Association, UK
29. Stichting Natuur en Milieu, NETHERLANDS
30. Kommunal trade union, SWEDEN
31. The Danish Ecological Council, DENMARK
32. Tierra Incognita, FRANCE
33. Union of Agricultural and Ecological Communes (EKOROL), POLAND
34. Women in Europe for a Common Future, NETHERLANDS
35. Global 2000 (FoE), AUSTRIA
36. Seas at Risk, NETHERLANDS
37. The Food Commission, UK
38. Friends of the Earth, SLOVAKIA
39. Ecosphere, BELARUS
40. Foundation for Realization of Ideas, BELARUS
41. Ecoglasnost (FoE), BULGARIA
42. Green Network of Vojvodina, SERBIA & MONTENEGRO
43. Black Sea Centre for Environmental Information & Education, BULGARIA
44. BirdLife-Cyprus, CYPRUS
45. Estonian Organic Farming Foundation, ESTONIA
46. Agro-Link, BULGARIA
47. Association of Doctors for the Environment, MACEDONIA
48. Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SNF), SWEDEN
49. Social Ecological Institute, POLAND

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