Pesticide Use Reduction Strategies in Europe: six success stories

United Kingdom

Pesticide Use Reduction
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Despite the EU’s chronic failure to endorse targets for pesticide use reduction at the political level, a growing number of European farmers, food co-operatives, NGOs, national governments and retailers are nonetheless pushing ahead with low pesticides farming strategies.

Targets for pesticide use reduction have now been adopted in Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, and Germany. Farmers in Belgium and Italy have come together to reduce pesticide usage and to market food produce grown under reduced pesticide protocols. Major retailers in the UK and Switzerland are now sourcing food produce endorsed by low pesticide labels, while NGOs across Europe continue to raise public awareness of pesticide contamination and engage consumers in demanding higher food standards across the board.

In 2007, PAN Europe set out to document some of these successes in a report: Pesticide Use Reduction Strategies in Europe: six case studies.