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24 October 2007
MEPs fold on mandatory pesticide use reduction
12 September 2007
MEPs put health and environment at heart of pesticides regulation
26 June 2007
EU Parliament's modest crack-down on pesticides
22 May 2007
Ministers must seize initiative to reduce chemical water pollution
21 May 2007
Media advisory: MEPs expected to insist on better poison control for surface water
03 May 2007
WHO Affirms Commitments to DDT Reduction in Malaria Control
11 April 2007
Endosulfan one step closer to listing under international toxics treaty
07 March 2007
Europe's children "paying the price" for current pesticide use

11 December 2006
Insecticides threaten Europe's Bees
03 November 2006
Call for pesticides residues-free food at a time of mounting contamination
26 September 2006
Global Coalition of Health and Toxics Experts Demand that WHO Stop Irresponsible Promotion of DDT Spraying
14 September 2006
Council strong-arms Commission on eight nasty pesticides
06 September 2006
NGOs demand stronger public and private commitment to the reduction of pesticide use in Europe
12 July 2006
EU lacks leadership to fight pesticides threats
12 June 2006
Will Commission ban hazardous pesticides or bend for powerful producers?
18 January 2006
Ministers must stop Commission’s u-turn on high concern pesticides

02 March 2004
Legal challenge mounted to European Commission approval of toxic herbicide paraquat

20 November 2003
Break the link between productivity and pesticides
03 October 2003
NGOs and Trade Unions disappointed with EU's failure to ban dangerous pesticide paraquat
08 April 2003
Open letter for an EU-wide paraquat ban

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