► A French investigation into how dangerous pesticides in food can harm children's heath: Cash Investigation

 Gift auf unseren Feldern. Wie gefährlich sind Pestizide? A german TV documentary on pesticides, 18/11/2015 (in German) 

► Les Liberterres - Un documentaire sur l'agro-écologie: quatre agriculteurs européens ont opté pour un autre modèle: more information >>

► Bye Bye pesticides - Towards the end of pesticide use in towns and villages

► ARTE documentary on glyphosate:










► Pesticide mon amour

Documentary on the use of toxic products used in non-agricultural areas such as gardens, green areas, road sides, sportfields etc.

Politicians, scientists, individuals etc explain their experience and their concerns.

A 42 minutes film by Eric Fretel which presents the state-of-play on the negative impacts due to pesticides application and on possible alternatives to avoid their use.

► "La mort est dans le pré" - documentary about victims of pesticides











La mort est dans le pré - Bande-annonce from Association Science Télévision on Vimeo.




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