National Action Plan (NAP) Best Practice

The EU adopted in 2009 a framework directive on the sustainable use of pesticides (SUDP).

The most important measures of the SUDP more formally known as the Directive 2009/128/EC of 21 October 2009, beyond setting quantitative use reductions, are:

  1. Implementating IPM, for all EU farmers to apply from 2014, so ”professional users of pesticides switch to practices and products with the lowest risk to human health and the environment among those available for the same pest problem.” (Article 14.1). The importance is to give priority to preventative elements
  2. Giving priority to non-chemical alternativesMember states shall take all necessary measures to promote low pesticide-input pest management, giving wherever possible priority to non-chemical methods.”(Article 14)
  3. Ensure that pesticide use is minimised or prohibited in specific areas (Article 12)
  4. Establishing appropriately-sized buffer zones to protect non-target aquatic organisms and safeguard zones for surface and groundwater used for the abstraction of drinking water, where pesticides must not be used or stored (Article 11)

Member States has as part of the implementation of the SUDP to elaborate National Action Plans:

European Commision website with all the National Action Plans

Very few Member States are taking the implémentation of the SUDP very seriously. PAN Europe has undertaken different actions with our members encouraging the needed changes towards less use of pesticides in the EU.

Useful documents

10 November 2016 National Implementation of the Directive 2009/128/EC establishing a framework for Community action to achieve the sustainable use of pesticides 

29 October 2015 Letter to DG Health Director General Xavier Prats Monné on the implementation of the Directive on sustainable use of pesticides

   - Reply of Director General Xavier Prats Monné

PAN Europe report: Reducing pesticide use across the EU
Report analysing the National Action Plans

27 March 2014 Press Release
Member States are far from complying with EU targets to reduce pesticides use: High time for the European Commission to take action to ensure respect of the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive.

20 June 2013 Press Release
Sustainable Use of Pesticides, an EU Challenge: Very few Member States are engaging to reduce their use of pesticides

Letter to Commissioner Borg on national implementation March 2014 - Download Commissioner Borg's reply here.

Letter to Commissioner Borg on national implementation June 2013 - Download Commissioner Borg's reply here.

15 December 2010 Joint Press Release
More guidance for countries on EU pesticide legislation needed
PAN Europe, HEAL.

NAP Best Practice
Sustainable use of pesticides: Implementing a National Action Plan
A guide to assist and support EU member states in producing their National Action Plans (NAP) as required under the Sustainable Use Directive.

Download 2009 baseline

PAN Europe Workshop

How pesticides are used
Aerial spraying in France: Forests And Pesticides Report

Where pesticides are used
Pesticides - a toxic education? a survey of pesticides in UK schools (pdf)


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